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ABOUT HOPE & MAINHope & Main is Rhode Island’s premier food business incubator. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs jumpstart earlystage food companies and food related businesses.We grow the local food economy by creating a community of support for food entrepreneurs and cultivating anenvironment where emerging culinary startups can test, create, scale and thrive. We offer low-cost, low risk access toshared use commercial kitchens and other industry specific technical and business resources designed to supportentrepreneurs of all backgrounds and means.Hope & Main has successfully launched 200 food businesses, including 40 graduates who have created more than 350
jobs in the local food economy. We are among the top 10% of all culinary incubators in the country. As a start-up of start-ups we are disrupting the traditional food industry. As part of the Hope & Main team we offer a unique professional
opportunity to food professionals who want to be part of a new food movement that values sustainability, access,consumer health, and community-based economic development.
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