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Farmer Focus - Shenandoah Valley Organic

At Farmer Focus, our mission is to promote and protect generational family farms by partnering with independent family farmers to responsibly raise organic chicken. Every organic chicken is humanely raised and traceable to the family farm where it was raised. Farmer Focus was founded to revolutionize modern-day farming and elevate the way organic chicken is raised by putting the focus back on the farmer. The Farmer Focus business model empowers farmers to raise chicken better. It enables farmers to own their feed and chickens while using their experience, intuition, and creativity to raise the best birds possible. Each farmer upholds Farmer Focus values: organic, sustainable, humane but has the personal liberty to run their farm their way. Which is why we put our farmer’s names on every pack of Farmer Focus chicken. It’s a small invitation for others to see where their chicken comes from, support independent farmers and courageously change the future of food for the better.

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