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The Center for Good Food Purchasing uses the power of procurement and partnerships to create a transparent and equitable food system for people, animals, and the environment. We do this by helping major institutions nationwide adopt and implement the Good Food Purchasing Program.

Over 65 institutions in 25 major US cities have enrolled in the Program. With a collective annual food spend surpassing $1 billion, these institutions and cities are committed to directing their purchasing power toward the five Program values: local and community-based economies, environmental sustainability, valued workforce, animal welfare, and community health and nutrition centered around the principles of equity, transparency, and accountability. Using the Program’s metric- and data-driven framework, they measure and improve food purchasing practices over time.

We also work with national partners, local grassroots coalitions, and institutions to shift toward values-based purchasing from farm to fork, and to build a cohesive movement in support of more resilient and equitable food systems.

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