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Splendid Spoon is entering a period of unprecedented growth. We know there are food product improvements and innovations lying in wait, as well as greater efficiencies to be had in our copacking relationships. We’re looking for someone to help us identify, improve and build these areas of the business. You’ll come on board and put rigor into our food development process, quality assurance systems, and vendor relationships as well as lead the food product development lifecycle to maximize customer LTV and margin.

Since food is core to Splendid Spoon, we’re looking for someone who is experienced, creative and strategic. We want someone who can bring excitement and novelty to product innovation while respecting the various limitations of large-scale food manufacturing including safety and quality requirements. We aim to create food that is delicious, wholesome, and consistent. As a member of our operations team you will streamline and continuously optimize process around food product development to ensure safety and consistency. This is a unique chance to improve and innovate the central products of a high-growth company, and partner with the executive team on strategic initiatives that will have a huge impact on the brand and its customers.


The Skillset:

  • 2+ years experience in large scale food production
  • Demonstrated knowledge and adherence to stringent food safety standards
  • Proven track record developing clean (i.e. short ingredient list) and delicious food that meets specific diet requirements (especially. gluten-free, vegan) at scale (1,000 lb batches or more)
  • Ability to calculate ingredient, recipe, and labor costing (COGs)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • We are a high growth business and require smart decision makers who use creative thinking and data-based analysis to solve problems quickly.


In Months 1-2 You Will:

  1. Evaluate and optimize our copacker scorecard system, establish KPIs for all vendors to ensure Splendid Spoon’s quality standards are met
  2. Partner with copackers to ensure meticulous QC record keeping in accordance with SQFII or other similar food safety auditor. This includes records of shelf study studies, HPP validation studies, batch records, etc. on site whenever necessary.
  3. Collaborate with Operations Director to improve and execute Splendid Spoon’s R&D process for SKU’s already in the pipeline
  4. Develop and lead RFP (request for proposal) process to identify new chef and dietitian talent
  5. Collaborate with the Splendid customer experience and marketing teams to sort and prioritize customer data and create product ‘profiles’ for new SKUs.
  6. NEW SKU PROJECT: Create product development strategy (nutrition and taste profile milestones, manufacturing needs, budget, COG analysis and timeline) to bring 6 new SKUs to market
  7. Collaborate with Operations Director and VP of Operations to evaluate new copackers for New SKU Project and existing product line.


In Months 3-6 You Will:

  1. Collaborate with CEO and Operations Director to execute New SKU Project strategy
  2. Oversee chef and dietitian talent for all product development using scoring systems and customer data to communicate Splendid’s needs.
  3. Own overall documentation and communication of new product formulations
  4. Partner with Marketing (design) to ensure nutritional information for labeling and packaging is consistent and compliant with Splendid Spoon guidelines and Food Safety regulations
  5. Collaborate with copacker floor production teams to facilitate trainings as necessary. Define and record, in fine detail, prep and production process to ensure product improvements and consistency.
  6. Collaborate with VP of Operations to hold copackers accountable for maintaining the highest quality standards. You will define KPIs (and corrective actions) to oversee this part of the business and limit product inconsistencies.
  7. Collaborate with Marketing to ensure customer communications align with all new product launches and product optimizations


In Months 6-12 You Will:

  1. Oversee chefs, dietitians and copackers to lead the product development lifecycle from ideation to product launch
  2. Bring 6 New SKU Project to market
  3. Ensure consistency and adherence to Splendid quality standards at all copackers and lead re-training as necessary.
  4. Remain vigilant in observing outside trends and technologies that could improve our product or drive margin efficiency. Monitor and research culinary, wellness and manufacturing trends and innovations. Present this research to the team along with your recommendations and assumptions about how it might affect our business.
  5. Optimize KPIs to more accurately assess product/market fit of all Splendid Spoon products
  6. Work closely with our Marketing and Customer Experience teams, using their data to drive greater success in product development.
  7. Redefine excellence in product development quarterly so we are confident that every new SKU is better than the last, and superior to the competition.
  8. Use market research and internal data to develop 2 new SKU’s per quarter from each Splendid mealtime category to ensure our offerings are fresh and exciting


Annual Salary: $65,000 plus health benefits, all the soups and smoothies you can eat, and employee options pool



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