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This position will report to the Company President.
 Manages all facets of the operations at
the Montgomery, AL facility including production, purchasing, shipping, receiving,
and warehousing.  Manages the maintenance
and sanitation activities of the plant.  




1.       Minimum of a B.S. Degree is required with preferred focus on Business
Management or other relevant discipline. 
8+ years of experience in a manufacturing environment required,
preferably in a continuous process manufacturing setting.  Food industry experience is desirable.


2.      Excellent analytical, mathematical, verbal and written communication
skills are required.  Must have strong
facilitation and teambuilding skills. 
Computer skills should include proficiency in most Microsoft-based
applications and Enterprise Resource Planning Software.


3.       Strong people skills; must be able to lead, delegate, instruct, counsel,
coordinate, and correct.  Strong
listening and negotiation skills.


4.      Working knowledge of JIT inventory management, Material Resource
Planning, and familiarity with SQF standards are beneficial.


5.      Experience with warehouse layout, space utilization, process flow and
receiving and shipping logistics is desirable.


6.      Ability to lead, establish and implement company policies and procedures
in support of occupational safety, operational efficiency, and the maintaining
of product quality.  Experience in the
development of training plans, fostering employee development, and implementing
reward incentives is beneficial.


7.       Strategic planning and budgeting experience required.




1.       Ensures the profitability of the operation by meeting and/or exceeding
established goals.  Coordinates the
actions of all departments to ensure activities are value-added, efficient, and

2.      Provides leadership to and management of team members.  Effectively recommends the selections of
personnel, trains, develops, and evaluates the performance of team leaders;
provides direction for improvement of their work and leadership skills, and
fosters a positive company attitude; monitors and documents employee warnings,
absences, tardiness, vacations, and disciplinary actions.

3.       Makes operational input to the Company President.  Participates in strategic planning and
translates strategic planning into activities to ensure Company goals,
schedules, and customer needs are met. 
Promotes resource improvements to match core business requirements.

4.      Sponsors the professional growth and development of team members and
shares responsibility for self-development; supports a work environment where
co-workers with divergent views are welcomed and solicited; creates an
environment where creativity and support of operational enhancement is expected
and rewarded; appreciates and supports the operating philosophy of the Company.

5.      Oversees the production, receiving, processing and sanitation activities
of the plant to ensure the Company policies and SQF requirements are met.  Responsible for directing all operations to
ensure the manufacture, storage, and shipment of products occurs on a timely
schedule, meets appropriate service levels, while maintaining cost controls,
operational efficiency targets, sanitation requirements, and compliance with
regulatory and outside audit programs.

6.      Develops budgeting process for the plant operations and monitors
conformity to the budget.

7.       Responsible for overseeing the installation and maintenance of company
facilities, grounds, equipment, security, and pest management.  Ensures requirements regarding company safety
policies and procedures, employee training, and adherence to applicable
regulatory guidelines are adequately met. 





1.       Statistics indicate a high degree of emphasis is placed on safety, with
safe work habits being developed and followed by all personnel.  A worker-friendly environment is maintained
at all times.  High quality standards are
also emphasized.  Product specifications
are met consistently and team members adhere to Company policies, procedures
and SQF guidelines.  The concept of
continuous improvement is fostered.  The
scheduling and staffing of the operation should indicate a sound understanding
of food processing and distribution. 
Operation efficiency should meet Company goals including budget
restrictions and cost controls, production capabilities, and customer

2.      Product integrity and customer satisfaction are ongoing goals.

3.       Adequate leadership and management are provided to enable achievement of
plant goals, excellent personnel performance and employee growth through
significant coaching and skills development.

4.      Company property is protected. 
Ensures security and maintenance necessary to prevent loss from abuse,
carelessness, or theft.  Ensures
effective pest management and custodial operations are present to limit risk to

5.      Plant operations is not hampered by poor housekeeping or mainteanance.  Supplies are properly stored and warehouse is
maintained in an organized condition, within the expectations of Company
policies and SQF requirements.

6.      All paperwork, records, and reports are completed accurately and
timely.  Personnel records are
confidentially maintained.

7.       Personnel complaints and worker problems arising on the job receive
prompt, fair, and impartial attention; files are maintained to enable review of
the circumstances and to support Company decisions.


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