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Operations Manager – Brooklyn, NY


Ark Foods is seeking an Operations Manager to join our rapidly growing team in Brooklyn, NY.

This job will touch everything from our inventory and supply chain, to logistics, to product development. This is a critical role in ensuring that we produce and deliver millions of pounds of fresh vegetable products to our customers all over the United States in line with the exceptionally high standards we set for ourselves.

The Operations Manager’s role is to make sure this all happens smoothly, in a way that can scale. Fast. It’s a creative job and requires a wardrobe full of hats combined with relentless attention to detail.


Managing inventory for many different fresh vegetable products across our East Coast warehouse locations

Organizing freight for customer orders

Working with our Director of Operations and our COO to create planting schedules for all of our specialty vegetables at farm locations up and down the East Coast

Planning production runs of all packaging materials, and other production inputs

Helping the sales team with order fulfillment

Ongoing involvement in many special projects (R&D, product development, vegetable trials, sourcing, machine and equipment purchases, new warehouse development, and many more)


Absolutely incredible organizational skills and attention to detail

Love of problem solving

Ability to handle many concurrent workstreams

Confidence with fast pace and self-management

Comfort with large data sets

Willingness to do the small things

Optimistic worldview and humble attitude

In Your Favor

Again, incredible organization skills

Project management experience

Love of food

Advanced spreadsheet capabilities

Experience with….

… vegetables / food products

… product development

… logistics and freight



Email careers@arkfoods.com with your CV and a few sentences about why you want this job.

Additional Info

All the specialty veggies you can eat!

Based in Brooklyn, NY

Competitive comp package

World-class teammates

About Ark Foods

Ark Foods is revolutionizing the veggies we eat. We are a venture-backed, leading brand of unique vegetable products. The company is the largest producer of shishito peppers in the US, and has recently launched a highly successful line of microwaveable fresh veggie bowls. Ark Foods is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and operates farms and distribution centers up and down the East Coast.

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Ark Foods is a venture-backed, leading brand of high-end vegetable products. We combine farmers market product selection with commercial agriculture methods. We’re like Dole, but for millennials. Delicious. Clean. Sustainable.

The first vegetable we made popular was the Shishito Pepper, and we are now the largest producer in the United States. We have successfully marketed and scaled other unique veggie products, and this is just the beginning. You can now find the Ark Foods brand in leading national supermarkets and distributors nationwide.

We operate farms and processing facilities up and down the East Coast, ensuring transparency and traceability, starting with the seeds we use. This vertical integration allows us to stay true to our purpose – to feed vegetable curiosity to everyone, everywhere.

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