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Attributes:  Strategic, Communicator, Leader, Independent, Driven, Dynamic

Position Title:  Marketing & Sales Manager

Position Level:  Leadership

Position Type:  Full Time; 80% remote, 20% on-site

Department:  Operations

Reports To:  Owners

Location:  ChefReady – Denver, CO

Salary:  $70,000/year starting (plus benefits)

Your Job

As Marketing & Sales Manager, you are responsible for carrying the ChefReady brand into everything we do. You are dynamic, organized and driven; someone who thrives on getting things done and making a real impact on a business. We will expand to new markets in the coming years, so it’s critical that you build ChefReady’s name and reputation as the best Virtual Kitchen in Denver for food pros who want to succeed in a delivery and pick up model.

There are four key elements to your position: 1) marketing management, 2) sales support, 3) brand awareness, and 4) executing upon both internal tenant and external industry partnerships.

Running our website, social media channels and collaborating with our digital ad and PR partners is just the tip of the iceberg. Content creation across both marketing and sales efforts will be integral to your success. You make sure our sales team has the right tools, and you build them from scratch. Webinars, information sell sheets, swag and marketing campaigns… when one task is done, you’re already started on another.

You support the Sales Director by building sales materials, handling CRM, and generating leads. You are the one who recognizes, then executes upon opportunities for collaboration with our tenants and the community. This takes the form of partnerships with industry organizations and influencers, and networking at events whether as a guest, or at a paid booth.

Chefs and restaurateurs across Colorado will want to be a ChefReady tenant after they cross your path. That’s because you exude the excellence tenants get from our team. One of the perks of being a tenant at ChefReady is the level of customer care and support we provide. In marketing, you may find that it’s as simple as guiding them towards setting up a free Canva account to create their menu, or suggesting they post flyers at the hospital nearby to get on the staff’s radar as a great lunch option.

In the day-to-day of your job, you will:

  1. Create and update sell sheets and other sales and marketing tools.
  2. Build and manage all industry sponsorships and partnerships, from the ground up.
  3. Support tenant marketing efforts as their partner.
  4. Onboard new tenants, and execute dry runs to test their individual technology stack after integration.
  5. Manage and post to all ChefReady’s social media platforms.
  6. Manage and update the website.
  7. Coordinate and execute sales webinars or other effective sales events.
  8. Design and order all uniforms, swag and branded ChefReady items.
  9. Manage the SEO agency that operates our Pay Per Click campaigns, and the PR agency that does our PR.
  10. Generate sales leads and take prospective tenants through the Sales process in collaboration with the Sales Director.
  11. Act as an external face of the brand, networking and cultivating new relationships with key chefs, restaurateurs and decision-makers.
  12. Build quarterly or annual Sales and Marketing Plan for the business in collaboration with the owners.
  13. Own ChefReady’s brand identity ethos, and update as needed.
  14. Build a replicable sales and marketing model for expansion into new markets.
  15. Assist in the expansion of ChefReady into new markets.

Your Skills

  1. Highly organized and motivated
  2. Strategic planner
  3. Time management guru
  4. Passion for branding and marketing work… and a passion for the food industry!
  5. Confident in generating and closing sales leads
  6. Customer service expert

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  2. At least five years of marketing or sales experience in the food or similar industry.
  3. At least two years in a marketing or sales management role, with a successful track record.
  4. Ability to work independently and stay motivated without constant supervision.
  5. Ability to drive projects from concept through execution.
  6. Expert negotiator and proactive problem-solver.
  7. At least some experience with Microsoft Suite, G-Suite, CRM platforms, Social Media platforms, and Squarespace.
  8. An eye for basic design with the ability to work in Canva at a minimum, or better yet the Adobe suite, to modify existing or build new sales tools.
  9. Be able to communicate and understand the predominant language(s) of chefs and restaurants.
  10. Must have the stamina to work 55 to 60 hours per week when needed; 80% remote, 20% on-site.
  11. Ability to work nights, weekends and holidays as needed.


$70,000/year starting salary, plus benefits

  1. Health insurance
  2. Dental insurance
  3. Vision insurance
  4. Optional life insurance
  5. PTO and holidays 

Why You Should Work With Us

ChefReady is a virtual kitchen company focused on the future of the culinary landscape and the success of food entrepreneurs. We are rewriting the rules and spearheading a new model for food businesses. We are motivated by creating the new virtual kitchen industry standard – and executing it. We are a true partner and collaborator. At ChefReady, your success is our success. 

Application Details

Please email Lauren Nischan at to apply with your Resume/CV and a Cover Letter that includes why you think you’d be the perfect fit for this position.

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ChefReady is a virtual kitchen company focused on the future of the culinary landscape and the success of food entrepreneurs. We are rewriting the rules and spearheading a new model for food businesses. We are motivated by creating the new industry standard and executing it. We are a true partner and collaborator. At ChefReady, your success is our success. 

We offer an innovative, new, end-to-end solution for delivery- and take out-only restaurants (there is no dining room) beginning with 10 individual virtual kitchen units, independently owned and operated, in which entrepreneurs license our kitchens (250-300sq ft) to produce their own, unique food concepts.  Our technology stack allows for seamless ordering and execution of purchases, where customers can order from 3rd party apps and directly from tenants’ websites.  Our ChefReady service team expedites food pick up from individual kitchens brought to a centralized area for hand off directly to customers delivery drivers.  Our tenants also get free business coaching, marketing support, and customer service support to handle direct communications with customers.  Our business model is also grounded in sustainability, including solar energy, composting and recycling, leaving a greener footprint and passing savings along to our tenants.

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