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Marketing Director Job Posting 

January 2021

Role of the Marketing Director

The mission of UFA is to prevent food waste by growing the upcycled food economy. All staff energy is directed towards accomplishing that mission. Because the mission is challenging to measure, UFA has adopted four core strategic objectives to focus our work and gauge our progress. Those objectives are to 1) increase demand for upcycled food, 2) increase investment in the upcycled industry, 3) improve the upcycled supply chain, and 4) improve the upcycled business network. While these objectives are more focused than the broad mission, they are still hard to measure, so UFA sets annual Key Results (KRs) to measure the progress towards accomplishing each objective. The full set of KRs for 2021 can be discussed in more detail with qualified applicants. 

Key Results this Position Supports

The Marketing Director will be responsible for, and accountable to, a number of KRs for 2021 (each of these has a quantitative benchmark not included here):

  • Grow consumer awareness of upcycled food 

  • Grow social following

  • Grow consumer demand for upcycled food 

  • Grow average number of retail banners UFA Members sell from

  • Grow the number of points of distribution that sell upcycled products

  • Increase the number of retail banners that has an explicit upcycled callout

As a director-level staff person, the Marketing Director will be responsible for researching, creating, implementing, executing, and evaluating any number of initiatives to accomplish these KRs. Thus, a great degree of self-direction and creativity is needed to be successful in this position. For some of these KRs, the Marketing Director will be the sole staff person responsible. For others, the Marketing Director will be working collaboratively with other staff. Currently, there are no other marketing-focused staff at UFA; though, it is the goal of the CEO to grow the marketing team, which would be overseen by the Marketing Director. The Marketing Director will be the fifth full time employee at UFA. The direct supervisor of the Marketing Director is the CEO, Turner Wyatt, who was recently named one of the global Top 20 Emerging Leaders in Food and Ag. 

Core Competencies

In addition to the accomplishment of the KRs above, this person will also be evaluated based on their fulfillment of the following core competencies:

  • Ability to create, manage and grow an effective brand messaging strategy

  • Ability to effectively speak and write publicly on behalf of the organization

  • Ability to create and drive effective marketing initiatives across multiple platforms 

  • Ability to effectively manage staff

  • Ability to contribute to a positive and productive work environment

Position Responsibilities

The Marketing Director is generally a self-directed employee, but there are also daily, critical tasks as well:

  • Manage marketing key results and initiatives, including the creation and tracking of effective KPIs for each initiative

  • Create and execute a marketing plan

  • Manage organizational brand

  • Manage current marketing efforts, including social media, google ads website, PR, and newsletter

  • Speak and write on behalf of the organization

  • Manage marketing staff (future)

Skills and Experience Preferred

  • Five years of experience in marketing direction, strategy, management

  • Five years of experience with project and staff direction

  • Advanced writing and public speaking skills

  • Experience with PR, press, pitching

  • Creative design experience or design direction experience

  • Time conscious, sensitive to deadlines and organized

  • Experience with any of the online tools used: Slack, Asana, Hubspot, and Google Gsuite

  • Outcome-based organizational management (OKR) familiarity

  • Event coordination experience


The annual salary for this position is $60,000 USD. While there is little-to-no room for negotiation on this number for 2021, UFA is growing extremely fast, and as the organizational budget grows, so will the salary for this position. Note: the salary for this position is split 50/50 between UFA and UFF. Both are full time, W2, overtime exempt positions.


  • Health insurance

  • Unlimited paid time off

  • An energetic, open, positive, communicative, and supportive team

  • Exposure to a large network of companies, from CPG startups to legacy food companies

  • 100% Remote work opportunity

  • Small team size

  • Ability to scale the single greatest solution to climate change while managing a brand that will reach millions of people

This opportunity is:

  • For someone interested in working to combat the climate crisis

  • For someone excited by being a part of a rapidly growing global environmental movement

  • For someone who believes consumers hold the key to solving the climate crisis

  • For a creative, energetic, entrepreneurial worker who can balance strategy and visioning with on the ground project management

  • One for which women, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and LGBTQ+ are encouraged to apply

  • One for which all ages are encouraged to apply

  • One for which no identity variables whatsoever will be used to discriminate


Send the following to with the subject “Attn: Marketing Direction Application”

  • A letter of application outlining your qualifications

  • A current resume/CV

  • The names, daytime telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for at least two professional references, either attached to your resume/CV or uploaded as a separate document

The deadline to apply for this position is February 12, 2021 at 5 pm Mountain Time. 

More on UFA


UFA envisions a more circular, sustainable food system, in which all food is elevated to its highest and best use. This food system is designed to have a positive impact on the planet and people. This future can be created if more of the products people buy help to prevent food waste. Soon, consumers around the world will be able to fill their entire grocery carts with products that contribute to this single greatest solution to climate change. If we are successful, the upcycled certification will be a major purchase decision driver, and upcycled products will be sought out and purchased by millions of people around the world. 

Values (with examples of how we live them)

  • Evidence-based decision making (Ex. All organizational initiatives are required to show evidence for success)

  • Inclusivity (Ex. BIPOC Members receive 50% discount on membership dues to address financial inequities)

  • Participant feedback (Ex. Stakeholders are required to be consulted before launching any new initiative) 

  • Open and respectful communication (Ex. All initiatives are communicated out to the public; regular forums for staff to openly express their needs)

More information can be found on our website

Administrative Key Results this Position Supports

In addition to the operational KRs above, UFA also sets administrative KRs, which are benchmarks for the conditions necessary for the core objectives of the organization to be accomplished. 

All staff are responsible for the following KRs, which relate to organizational values:

All Staff reach average of 90% on staff evaluations.

75% of staff report ability to communicate their needs openly and respectful of personal values

90% of initiatives solicit feedback from relevant stakeholders

90% of initiatives are evidence-based

90% of initiatives permit integration of feedback and participant measurable engagement

90% of projects are communicated out to the public

100% of initiatives are put through evaluation framework before and after execution

Initiatives receive at least 90% on initiative evaluations

These administrative KRs are not managed by the Marketing Director, but the Marketing Director is accountable to them in accordance with the staff evaluation process. 

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The Upcycled Food Association (UFA) is a nonprofit trade association whose mission is to prevent food waste by growing the upcycled food economy. We are in search of an energetic, entrepreneurial Marketing Director to create and manage the marketing efforts for the organization. This is a full time, salaried, overtime exempt position that is virtually 100% remote and comes with growth opportunities and benefits. This opportunity is for someone motivated to contribute to scalable climate solutions while growing a global brand in the sustainable food space. More than a dozen institutions have listed upcycled food as a major food trend, and the UFA Marketing Director will be the pioneer to bring this trend to millions of people. We are not only hiring a marketer, we’re hiring an organizational leader, who will be the voice for the future of sustainable food. 

About the Upcycled Food Association

The Upcycled Food Association is a quickly up and coming leader in the sustainable food and food waste industries. Founded only a year ago, we represent 135+ businesses across 20+ countries, aiding their efforts to scale and growing their capacity to address one of the most pressing social and environmental problems: food waste. We are a member-driven organization committed to positively impacting the food system and our planet by elevating food to its highest value and best use. UFA is the sole member of a 501c3 environmental education nonprofit, the Upcycled Food Foundation (UFF), which shares the same mission but achieves it through empowering consumers to prevent food waste via the products they buy. 

According to Project Drawdown, reducing food waste is the number one solution to global warming. Upcycling food prevents food waste by elevating otherwise wasted food into new, high quality products and ingredients (think of spent brewery grain to make flour, or juice pulp to make crackers). UFA was co-founded by mission-driven upcycled food companies seeking to systematically scale the upcycled industry. Within the first six months of existence, UFA partnered with Harvard Law School, World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, and others, to officially define “upcycled food” for the first time. Since then, UFA has grown its Membership, and developed a revolutionary new upcycled product and ingredient certification. This certification will be launched in 2021, and will educate millions of consumers around the world, and better quantify and report the impact of upcycled products. 

If UFA is successful, it will grow the upcycled industry to be the prominent sustainable food category globally. Our work is poised to increase the capacity of food upcyclers to prevent food waste to more than 9 billion pounds of food waste per year (equivalent of more than 26 billion pounds of CO2 emissions per year) by 2030. This means that our work will account for whole percentage points of major global environmental goals, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: to halve food waste by 2030. 

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