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Job Description

Seeking a bioscientist to join a novel startup centering on food science, sustainability, and technology. We are a team of software engineers, physicists, and data scientists (educated at Harvard, Cornell, Columbia & Berkeley with work experience in Silicon Valley, including Impossible Foods) and we are in search of our bioscience lead. The ideal candidate will be a molecular biologist or food scientist with deep and versatile skills in the biological sciences. We are currently in stealth mode, so please reach out to contact@innovtech.io for more information.


  • Advise and lead the bioscience understanding in our data searches, parses, models and interpretations
  • Design and/or execute food science experiments
  • Read and learn about new subject-specific topics

Skills & Experience

  1. Biochemistry lab experience, specifically wet lab
  2. Experiment design
  3. Food product development
  4. Research experience for new and/or novel processes and/or products

Application Details

If interested, send along a copy of your resume, your LinkedIn URL (if applicable), and a brief answer to the following question: why does a more sustainable and ethical food system matter to you?


Significant Equity

Why You Should Work With Us

We value integrity, innovation, and intrinsic motivation. We’re dedicated to transforming the way people eat, optimizing for sustainability, nutrition, and virtue. 


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Spero is taking a new approach to food product innovation: one driven by data and algorithms. At Spero, we're using big data to make healthy & sustainable taste good.
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