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Job Description

The General Manager of Profeta Farms Market will be responsible for the planning, launch, and management of the new 25,000 square foot organic, full service farm market and prepared foods marketplace that features a full line of Profeta Farms raised products. 

Candidates must be well-rounded, energetic team players who have a proven track record of taking full responsibility for a retail/grocery operation, be creative problem solvers and take initiative. We are looking for someone who is a natural leader, is hard-working, has a genuine positive attitude, and is committed to and comfortable with taking full “bottom-line” responsibility for their operation. Professionalism, integrity, commitment to organic agriculture and honesty are essential.


  • Planning Store Opening
  • Play an active role in the process of planning all facets of the store opening.
  • Manage the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of all department managers and assistant managers in collaboration with Profeta leadership.
    • Finalize operational and capital budgets and set achievable sales goals
      store-wide and for each department in collaboration with Profeta
  • Store Management
    • Ensure the establishment and maintenance of a product mix that meets customer needs and aligns with Profeta Farms core values.
    • Maintain awareness of new products, and regularly incorporate new products into overall product mix.
    • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws regarding licenses, permits, health regulations, employment, etc.
    • Manage the buying/ordering process to meet Profeta Farms quality standards,
      maintain competitive pricing and achieve targeted sales.
    • Establish and maintain positive and productive vendor relationships with both Profeta Farms and outside vendors.
    • Collaborate with Profeta Farms to forecast product demand levels to allow the farm
      to meet as much of market’s supply needs as possible.
    • Prioritize purchasing from Profeta Farms to ensure that at least 51% of products sold from the market are from our farm.
  • Financial Management
    • Project annual sales and expenses, and prepare annual operating budget.
    • Achieve budgeted expense levels. Achieve department profit, and store profit contribution targets.
    • Hold all department managers accountable to all budgets and sales targets through
      transparency and engagement using open book management practices.
    • Monitor deviations from budget and take corrective action to meet established goals.
    • Plan and execute a margin strategy designed to be competitive and value-driven.
    • Manage inventory and pricing to achieve targeted gross profit margin.
    • Work with the financial team to monitor store performance and profitability.
    • Support the achievement of all financial goals for Profeta Farms.
  • Team Management
    • Consistently communicate and support Profeta Farms’ purpose and mission.
    • Provide leadership and vision to actively build a strong market culture that supports Profeta’s core values.
    • Provide mentorship to management team.
    • Interview, select, train, develop, and counsel all team members in a manner that
      builds and sustains a high performing team and minimizes turnover.
    • Ensure a consistent and professional process relating to all hiring, training,
      discipline, promotion, and compensation for all market employees.
    • Provide timely, thorough and thoughtful performance evaluations.
    • Establish and maintain a positive work environment, which sustains an exceptionally high level of team member morale.
    • Ensure timely evaluations for all staff, based on written job descriptions and performance standards.
    • Ensure employee handbook is kept current and up-to-date.
    • Ensure a safe, healthy, and positive workplace for all market employees.
  • Marketing and Community Relations
    • Work with department managers to develop and maintain creative product merchandising.
    • Work with department managers to establish creative and competitive weekly and
      monthly “specials” which support established merchandising and marketing
    • Work with Marketing Manager to ensure the market is well-marketed and that all messaging is consistent with the Profeta brand.
    • Ensure highest standard for all product quality, customer service, and in-store experiences.
    • Sustain exceptional level of knowledge/awareness of relevant competitors and industry trends.
    • Work with the Assistant GM to ensure that all external sales (wholesale) targets are achieved.
    • Participate in regional and national co-op and industry events.
  • Communication and Reporting
    • Establish and maintain collaborative and productive working relationship with all
      department managers, assistant managers, and team members.
    • Model and cultivate effective interdepartmental communication.
    • Provide accurate, complete information in daily, weekly, monthly, annual and “ad hoc” management reports.
    • Thorough and complete documentation in support of Team Member discipline and counseling activities.


      • Aligned with the purpose, mission, and values of Profeta Farms
      • A proven track record of taking full responsibility for a retail grocery operation
      • Ability to build, develop, and lead a team
      • Demonstrated ability to creatively solve problems and take ownership and initiative
      • Experience setting, analyzing and reporting on financial performance targets
      • Thorough knowledge of products, buying, pricing, merchandising, and inventory management
      • Passion and appreciation for superior customer service
      • Experience with operating, capital budgeting, and management
      • Capability to give and receive feedback, build relationships with stakeholders, and resolve conflicts
      • Patient and enjoys working with and mentoring people
      • Ability to work rotating shifts Monday through Sunday including some holidays as needed
      • Ability to perform physical requirements of position

      Skills & Experience

      • 10+ years relevant experience as a general manager or team leader in a grocery or retail store
      • 2+ years of food service experience a plus
      • Involvement with the startup of a retail business
      • Experience making bottom-line decisions in a retail business
      • Customer Service Focus

      Physical Requirements

      The physical demands described here represent those that must be met in order to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

      • Sit and review information on a computer screen or on paper for long periods of time
      • Reach with hands and arms
      • Walk, climb, balance, and stoop
      • Lift or move up to 25 pounds, unassisted

      Application Details

      Please apply here:


      Based on experience.  Base competitive salary financial performance of market and successful utilization of Profeta Farms products. Benefits include PTO, medical insurance, life insurance, and a stipend of food from the farm.

      • This job has expired!
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      About Profeta Farms

      Profeta Farms is a 1200 acre multifaceted certified organic livestock and vegetable farm dedicated to changing the way food is produced and distributed. We aim to produce a wide range of high-quality foods so that our customers may buy the majority of their food from a single local, organic, responsible source. In the spring of 2018, Profeta Farms is planning to open a new 25,000 square-foot grocery store with a strong focus on prepared foods.

      Our Core Values

      • Work that Matters – We produce food that helps others achieve greater health. To attract and retain dedicated team members who are passionate about this goal, we aim to provide a great working environment with ample opportunities for growth and development.
      • Biologically Vibrant – Healthy Soils yields Healthy People. To that end, we grow our crops using regenerative farming practices, always bearing in mind that we are stewards of the land. This fully mineralized and biologically active foundation lends its health to the plants that grow in it, a trend that follows the food chain all the way up to the consumer.
      • Pasture Centered Farming – Our livestock are provided with the highest level of humane care available. They will be able to express their natural behaviors outdoors on pasture, without restriction. Their welfare is of utmost importance to us.
      • Innovative – We utilize a blend of modern techniques matched with old world principles as a way of producing food efficiently, while adhering to sound, safe organic farming practices. We also embrace and drive change in the marketplace.
      • Product Excellence – We strive to produce superior quality foods that are not only healthy but also taste and look great. We go above and beyond the organic standards in our efforts to meet this goal.
      • Teamwork – We could not be successful without a dedicated team. Through effective collaboration we can achieve our goals. We treat each other fairly, with dignity and respect, and believe that communication must be open and direct.
      • Transparency – Being transparent to our community and ourselves is the only way to conduct business responsibly. We keep no secrets about how our operation is run, building a trusting relationship with our customers and team members.
      • Education – An informed community is crucial to our success. Wherever possible, we seek to enrich our customers’ knowledge of farming, health, and food.
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