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Overview of Findlay Kitchen Incubator Manager Position 

Findlay Market is Ohio’s longest running public market and an historic landmark. Key to its current and future success is the
support of a robust environment for food related businesses to start, grow and scale. This is one of the key objectives of
the Corporation for Findlay Market’s strategic plan.

With the recent opening of Findlay Kitchen, Findlay Market is quickly developing as the region’s premier entrepreneurial
ecosystem for small food related businesses. To keep the momentum strong, Findlay Kitchen must continue to work
towards consistent revenue generation through strategic targeting of new members, creation of growth opportunities for
promising members, and a template for attracting high revenue-generating events. Strengthening relationships and making
new connections to drive go-to-market strategies and opportunities for entrepreneurs is the next step in incubation service

The Incubator Manager has responsibility for effective management of daily operations so the organization is able to meet
these goals. This includes developing and maintaining external relationships with partner organizations, as well as internal,
new member recruitment and existing member retention and growth support. Ensuring the right mix of products,
members, and business and sales growth opportunities, will be key to financial and mission-based success. The Incubator
Manager will work closely with the Director of Food Innovation in developing programming that supports Findlay Kitchen’s
mission and members.

The Incubator Manager must track and report key data related to grants, funding, and programmatic

The Incubator Manager will manage kitchen scheduling, payments and billing through the online platform, keeping abreast
of system updates and improvements, and ensuring operations run effectively, efficiently and without significant
administrative input. Financial management is expected through an understanding of monthly budget projections and how
Findlay Kitchen is tracking, ensuring constant communication with the Director of Food Innovation. 

The Incubator Manager has oversight of general facility management, including compliance with all federal, state and local
codes pursuant to specific facility and member licensing. This includes tracking and reporting appropriate ongoing
regulatory data, and that related to keeping current facility and membership requirements.

General Description
The Incubator Manager’s success will be measured in part by the following goals: 

  • (Goal) Expand infrastructure to support a minimum of 3 new opportunity areas for entrepreneurs by 2018.
    o (Strategy) Utilize Findlay Kitchen to provide business support services to all market entrepreneurs.
    o (Strategy) Expand internal and external sales channel access. 
  • (Goal) Ensure Findlay Kitchen is revenue-growing by 2017. (Strategy) Achieve utilization rates of 50% in year 2, 60% in year 3, 70% in year 4, 80% in year 5.
    o (Strategy) Build out a class and event planning template requiring minimal staff oversight.
    o (Strategy) Continue to seek funding to support 100% of programmatic costs.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities
Manage Facility Operations 

  • Maintenance Oversight – Manage the Facility Coordinator, ensuring expectations are met.
    o General oversight of facility, including equipment, utilities, security and access.
    o Identification and implementation of operational process improvements. 
  • Oversee adherence to city, state, federal requirements for commercial kitchens and member licensing.
    o Maintain scheduling, reservation, records and payment system. 
  • Manage application and membership process, including tours and onboardings. 
  • Assist Director of Food Innovation in management of budget, and provide monthly reporting and
    overview of facility revenue and expenses. 

Programming and Classroom Events

  • Classroom Kitchen Programming – Manage the Marketing Co-Op; oversee planning and approval of class
    curriculum and events, ensuring alignment with mission and proper monetization, invoicing and payment. 
  • Business Support Services – Provide members access to business growth support through partner
    connections, and development of exclusive sales/promotion opportunities. Develop industry and key
    partner relationships. Mentor members through industry experience and connections, and leverage the
    entrepreneurial and business community to create new opportunities and support channels. Work closely
    with Director of Food Innovation to cultivate robust and innovative service offerings. 
  • Community Programming Work closely with Director of Food Innovation, to ensure Findlay Kitchen is
    making a positive social impact through development of effective programming. Special emphasis should
    be given to low income, minority, women, immigrant and refugee communities. 
  • Meticulous tracking and reporting of program data. 

Relationship Management and Outreach

  • Participate in outreach activities in the local community; nurture existing and seek out new relationships
    with partner agencies and outreach partners. 
  • Identify fundraising prospects, and assist Director, Food Innovation District in crafting fundraising
  • Work with Director, Food Innovation, and Marketing Co-Op, to facilitate outreach efforts and oversee
    communication strategy for the organization, ensuring timely execution and on-point messaging,
    including social media, printed communication materials, etc

Application information

  • To apply, please send resume and cover letter to, with subject line: Findlay Kitchen
    Incubator Manager Application 
  • The deadline to apply is Friday, December 15, 2017 
  • For questions, please email or call 513-744-8003
  • This job has expired!
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About the Corporation for Findlay Market

The Corporation for Findlay Market (CFFM) is a private non-profit corporation founded in 2000 to manage Findlay Market following its renovation in 2002 and 2003. On July 1, 2004, CFFM and the City of Cincinnati entered into a lease and management agreement that authorize CFFM to manage and operate the market.

CFFM’s management duties include day to day operations, general maintenance, marketing and promotion, tenant recruitment, tenant leasing and tenant management, and customer service. 

Our Mission:  Historic Findlay Market connects farmers, producers, sellers and customers in a dynamic, diverse public marketplace. 

Our Vision:  Historic Findlay Market is our region’s premier destination for local food and artisan products, a dynamic public gathering place, and a vital community asset. 

Our mission and vision are driven by our core values:

Local: We value freshness above all, emphasizing a variety of locally grown food and unique, locally crafted products sold by people we know as friends and neighbors.  We embrace our role as a vital anchor for strengthened central city and Over-the-Rhine.

Authentic: We value genuine human connections and social interactions that a vibrant, dynamic public marketplace promotes. We value the diversity in all definitions that exists among our merchants and our shoppers.

Value-Minded: We believe in providing our shoppers with fresh, high quality foods at fair prices and a rich product array that will satisfy a wide range of shopper need. We provide an inclusive shopping experience that is unparalleled in our region.

Entrepreneurial: We create a supported environment for diverse startup businesses and the growth and sustainability of locally owned and managed businesses.

Responsible: We honor our role as stewards of a thriving landmark and demand integrity in our interactions with our shoppers, merchants, employees, volunteers, and community partners. 

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