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Job Description

The Director of Operations oversees all aspects of Sullivan Street Bakery’s wholesale and retail business. This includes leading and inspiring managers and staff and planning long-term financial and operational strategies to make the company a productive, profitable, pleasant, and creative place to work.  


  • Oversee a 24-hour, 7 day a week production facility. This job involves a unique and diverse set of tasks that includes: instituting rules for bread production, working with large equipment companies, maintaining brand and graphic design integrity, and making critical decisions about growth, risk management, and employee relations. 
  • Cultivate a work environment that promotes positive energy, fun, creativity, and teamwork among all employees. Provide leadership and guidance to managers and their staff and plan for systems and opportunities inside and outside of the normal workday to strengthen the existence of a team culture and sensibility. 

  • Manage the organization’s operating budget by setting guidelines and limits for departments and holding all departments fiscally accountable for working within set budget. Work with owner and CFO to develop and control profit plans, operating expenditures, and wages. 

Skills & Experience

  1. Must have a good knowledge of business financial management.
  2. Please have or be willing to acquire hands-on knowledge of the wholesale bakery business. Please consider that, while delicious, it it is hot, messy, and takes place 24 hours a day.  
  3. Experience in fostering a positive, fun, supportive company culture.  

Application Details

Please discuss your comfort level with plant maintenance and the repair of large and expensive equipment, as well as your experience communicating with and supervising a large and diverse workforce. We are very proud to speak many languages and hail from many different countries. Experience with graphic design and an eye for brand management is a plus – please mention it if you have it. 


Depends upon experience. 

Why You Should Work With Us

We love what we do. We have been making and delivering some of NYC’s best bread since 1994. Every piece of our naturally-leavened, Italian-inspired bread is shaped by hand and overseen by someone who loves dough and bread. Our neighborhood cafes are suddenly booming and filled with some of the best pizza, sandwiches, and sweets around. We are a close-knit group proud of our work and looking for a great team leader to help the machinery (literally and figuratively) run smoothly every day and night. 


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Wholesale bakery in NYC with two retail cafes. The home of New York's finest naturally-leavened Roman-style bread and the birthplace of the no-knead method. We love to bake and we like to have fun doing it. 
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