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Job Description

We are looking for our first Director of Finance at The Meat Hook. What we are most interested in is someone who can help build stability and financial well-being into the retail, restaurant, and wholesale aspects of our business.

This job needs someone who is self-sufficient, but also able, and enthusiastic, to work with others when a project requires collaboration. The Director of Finance will have far-reaching responsibilities from how we financially work as a butcher shop and a restaurant and a CPG company, to how we build future businesses as opportunities arise.Responsibilities

  • Creating a 3-5 year business plan for each arm of the business
  • Exploring potential future partnerships; including financial projections and operational costs and benefits.
  • Leading the planning and implementation of operations in new business ventures and be ready to answer the question “how” with every new business opportunity
  • Reviewing monthly COGS with managers
  • Training managers on COGs management
  • Reviewing monthly P&L with partners with notes on progress based on current business plan; inclusive of margins, budgets and growth rate
  • Reviewing cashflow & balance sheet quarterly
  • Creating annual projections and budgets for all entities with managers of each entity and partners.
  • Reviewing payroll budgets with Director of Operations
  • Managing wholesale transactions in QB and Revel

Skills & Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant field or equivalent combination of education and experience; CPA a plus.
  2. 3 -5 years of progressively responsible financial management experience.
  3. Excellent leadership and supervisory skills. Must be able to work effectively on cross-functional teams. Ability to do “big picture” thinking and solve problems in a way that is creative and collaborative.
  4. Excellent oral and written communications skills – ability to deliver timely, relevant, mission-critical information in a clear and concise manner.
  5. Experience negotiating and working with a variety federal, state and local government contracts/grants.
  6. Exceptional organizational skills/attention to detail and outstanding project management skills; ability to handle and prioritize multiple time-sensitive projects.
  7. A sense of humor.

Application Details

If you think you’d be a good fit for our company, please email us your CV! And while you’re at it – tell us about your favorite sandwich and why you like THAT sandwich so much. Seriously.

Why You Should Work With Us

Our mission at The Meat Hook is to be an honest company, selling the best product produced. We actively support regenerative and sustainable farms who produce proteins and vegetables. We want our customers to know that by shopping with us they can create tangible change with every dollar.

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The Meat Hook is a lot of things all at once. We are a butcher shop selling the best meat available anywhere in the northeast and we’re a restaurant cooking the best burgers (we think) in NYC. We’re the only fully transparent sausage you can buy in a grocery store and we’re a Youtube show about meat culture and techniques.

But, most importantly, we are home to a group of 30+ like-minded people who want to make a tangible difference in the world through agriculture. We are dedicated to our mission of promoting and working with farms that work regeneratively and sustainably. Our community spans from the farmers, to our staff, to the communities we serve.

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