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The Upcycled Food Association (UFA) is a nonprofit trade association whose mission is to prevent food waste by growing the upcycled food economy. We are in search of an energetic, entrepreneurial Marketing Director to create and manage the marketing efforts for the organization. This is a full time, salaried, overtime exempt position that is virtually 100% remote and comes with growth opportunities and benefits. This opportunity is for someone motivated to contribute to scalable climate solutions while growing a global brand in the sustainable food space. More than a dozen institutions have listed upcycled food as a major food trend, and the UFA Marketing Director will be the pioneer to bring this trend to millions of people. We are not only hiring a marketer, we’re hiring an organizational leader, who will be the voice for the future of sustainable food. 

About the Upcycled Food Association

The Upcycled Food Association is a quickly up and coming leader in the sustainable food and food waste industries. Founded only a year ago, we represent 135+ businesses across 20+ countries, aiding their efforts to scale and growing their capacity to address one of the most pressing social and environmental problems: food waste. We are a member-driven organization committed to positively impacting the food system and our planet by elevating food to its highest value and best use. UFA is the sole member of a 501c3 environmental education nonprofit, the Upcycled Food Foundation (UFF), which shares the same mission but achieves it through empowering consumers to prevent food waste via the products they buy. 

According to Project Drawdown, reducing food waste is the number one solution to global warming. Upcycling food prevents food waste by elevating otherwise wasted food into new, high quality products and ingredients (think of spent brewery grain to make flour, or juice pulp to make crackers). UFA was co-founded by mission-driven upcycled food companies seeking to systematically scale the upcycled industry. Within the first six months of existence, UFA partnered with Harvard Law School, World Wildlife Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, and others, to officially define “upcycled food” for the first time. Since then, UFA has grown its Membership, and developed a revolutionary new upcycled product and ingredient certification. This certification will be launched in 2021, and will educate millions of consumers around the world, and better quantify and report the impact of upcycled products. 

If UFA is successful, it will grow the upcycled industry to be the prominent sustainable food category globally. Our work is poised to increase the capacity of food upcyclers to prevent food waste to more than 9 billion pounds of food waste per year (equivalent of more than 26 billion pounds of CO2 emissions per year) by 2030. This means that our work will account for whole percentage points of major global environmental goals, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12.3: to halve food waste by 2030. 

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