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Sweet Nothings is a healthy snacking company. Our flagship product is a plant-based frozen snack made from organic fruits, nuts, and seeds. Think of it as a ready-to-eat frozen smoothie that you eat like ice cream. Our products contain no dairy, no added sugar, and no ingredients you can’t pronounce, ever. We’re on a mission to prove that healthy can, and should, taste delicious. 

Today, you can find our products in 15+ corporate cafeterias including Apple, Tesla,  Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Gap, Levi, Twitter NY, and more. Our product is also available at all Foxtrot MarketsHu Kitchen, and Good Eggs. Lastly, you can purchase through our website. Starting in Q1 2020, we are launching in select grocery stores in CA and NYC. 

Sweet Nothings was started in 2019 by Beth Porter and Jake Kneller. 

Jake Kneller, Chief Executive Officer

Adjunct lecturer in food, design, and technology at Stanford, where he earned his MBA and BA. Worked on strategy, pricing, and expansion at Impossible Foods. Previously an independent consultant for food startups across LA, NYC, and London. 

Beth Porter, Chief Product Officer

Seasoned entrepreneur w/ 15 yrs operational experience as CEO/Co-Founder of Autism Services company w/ ~100 employees. Mom of two with passion for healthy, clean living. 

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