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Galley Solutions

Galley was developed alongside culinary experts at the largest food provider in San Francisco and assisted in serving over 5 thousand meals a day. The team of culinary professionals who helped build this intuitive and powerful system soon begged for it to be made publicly available.

Galley customers have said that Galley’s software is the only “right way” to manage food costs, profitability, and kitchen efficiency. We deliver beautiful and easy-to-use tools that empower chefs and their teams to provide & maintain the core data of recipes, menus, and inventory, reducing waste, and increasing profit margins. The data that Galley collects will allow us to bridge the gap between food & technology, producing quantitative and predictive results about one of the largest industries in the world.

We are excited to bring the innovative technology of Galley to the multi-trillion dollar foodservice industry, benefiting the companies, the consumers, and the environment.

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