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Brightseed believes that food should nourish. We believe that plants have the answers to many diet-caused chronic illnesses and we have built the tools to find them. We created Forager™, a computational intelligence that can understand nature more deeply than humans ever could. It discovers naturally occurring compounds with proven clinical benefits for health. We then partner with food, beverage and supplements companies to incorporate these plant bioactives into everyday products. Our first bioactive discovery helps restore metabolic health especially benefiting those individuals at heightened risk for developing metabolic diseases such as diabetes. At Brightseed, we are committed to transforming the health and wellbeing industry with a team-first mentality. Above all, we seek team members who are truth-seeking and trusting. This means we hold ourselves and each other accountable in our quest for groundbreaking knowledge. We are also a highly collaborative team that prioritizes shared goals over individual tasks. As such, we share workload, information and feedback generously and look out for each other’s wellbeing. Ultimately, we realize that achieving our purpose of improving lives naturally will take our collective intelligence and efforts. Our leadership team has a distinguished, 30+ year track record in groundbreaking scientific research and translation of discoveries into commercially successful products. We are successfully venture backed by renowned investors and supported by world-class advisors.
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