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Bar Agricole, Inc.

Bar Agricole, Inc. is a beverage company committed to fostering legitimate careers in food and beverage while pursuing a transparent, wholesome supply chain that conveys single-origin spirits to a growing audience. We partner with growers who deeply respect the land and the organic ingredients that thrive in it. Stripped down to the essence of pure flavors, without hiding behind fussy presentation or chemical manipulation, we assemble impeccable raw materials and serve them with humility and grace.

Our headquarters will open in San Francisco this summer, followed by the launch of our direct-to-consumer brand. We will define the category of single-origin spirits, sourcing and bottling products from around the world under our label while honoring their producers and provenance.

Bar Agricole is sowing the seeds of a new kind of company. We bring a commitment to dignity, equity, transparency, and true partnership with our ecosystem of stakeholders—farmers, distillers, employees, investors, patrons, and community members. With over a decade of innovation in the rearview, the new Bar Agricole embraces the need for regenerative, life-affirming ways of working as we serve a Bay Area that needs nurturance and nourishment more than ever.

In service of this mission, Bar Agricole is pursuing B Corp certification and has adopted sociocracy as its governance model and decision-making structure. Built on a structure of linked working groups, sociocracy creates scaffolding and roles that support our values of transparency, effectiveness, and equity that gives every team member a voice in shaping the business.

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