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Position Summary

Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) is launching a new Farm-to-Market Technology Hub to support small family farms and food enterprises across California in adopting technology based solutions for their direct marketing challenges. The contractor(s) will work with our Tech Hub Specialist in providing direct technical support to hundreds of farmers across California resulting in increased sales for farm business and diversification of sales channels. CAFF is also seeking bilingual candidates to directly serve Spanish speaking communities across CA. Please see for more details. 

Core Responsibilities include:

  • Provide direct support to farmers, ranchers, and food businesses (such as farmers market and food hubs) on web-based solutions that will make purchasing local food more convenient, accessible and competitive. Support includes assisting with answering technical questions, identifying what resources are available and how to access them, troubleshooting software issues, and general support as needed. 

  • Assign regular office hours for farmers seeking support. 

  • Keep internal tracking documents up to date with farm contacts and key details from tech support sessions.

Additional responsibilities to include: 

  • Support the Tech Hub in producing resources, website templates, social media copy, and creating content for the new Tech Hub website. 

  • Support with trainings offered via webinar, and other events when possible. 

  • Build farmer and rancher capacity to use web-based tools to generate and coordinate sales, marketing, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

  • Research and vet existing online tools for CAFF’s Tech Hub.

  • Support with development of criteria for evaluating the efficacy of tools on behalf of farmers to inform a catalogue of resources.

  • Support with marketing and raising the profile of the “Farm-to-Market Tech Hub” to communities and key partners across California.

  • Help guide current and future innovation to develop tools better attuned to the real- world needs of small and mid-scale farmers and ranchers.

  • Support with report and funder documentation as needed.

Required qualifications:

  • Experience in marketing and digital strategies. Knowledgeable of current e-commerce platforms.

  • An understanding of the most common technological challenges small businesses and farms experience. 

  • Familiarity with web-based tools for farmers.

  • A proven track record on the ability to adapt to different technical assistance needs (e.g. not a one size fits all approach to technical assistance). 

  • Effective communication skills with a service orientated mindset and passion for supporting small businesses.

Optional but helpful qualifications:

  • Previous experience or education in agriculture or food production 

  • Experience in a non-profit organization 

  • An existing network of california based farm & food enterprises

Description of supplemental activities available to all applicants:

Multiple contractors will be hired to serve a total of 160 farms for the 2021 year. In addition, 1,350 farmers or business representatives will be reached through indirect engagement, e.g. webinar attendees, event attendees, etc. Disadvantaged farmers including historically disadvantaged populations (immigrant, undocumented, people of color, LBGTQ) and older farmers with little to no background in using web based technologies will be prioritized to the largest extent possible.

Additional work opportunities are available through these contractor positions as listed below. If you are interested in either/both please state so in #4 in the “how to apply” section. 

  • Providing direct technical support to farmers and ranchers based in Sonoma County with adoption and implementation of web-based technologies.

  • Providing tailored e-commerce technical support to 5-15 organic seed producers located in California. Applicants must have an understanding of the challenges seed production companies experience.

Compensation: Annual budget of $7,000-$37,000, contingent upon supplemental activities and number of farms supported. Travel stipends available. Invoices billed monthly by contractor and paid by CAFF. 

Time period: March 2021-December 2021. Contract extension likely, depending on performance. 

Approximate number of hours a month: 25-120, contingent upon activities 

Basic work requirements:

Ability to work remote and access to wifi and phone. Familiarity with common computer-based tools such as Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and/or Google Drive (docs, sheets, slides); email; and websites. Fluency in English. Willingness to travel within California occasionally, up to several times per week. We acknowledge current COVID-19 related travel restrictions but expect that this position will require travel in the future.

How to apply:

Please submit your application as one document with subject line “Tech Hub Contractor” to Application to include your resume and responses to the following four questions:


  1. What are the qualities, contributions and experiences that you bring to this position? Please provide examples. (300 word count max)

  2. Systemic racism and inequity are pervasive in  U.S. food and agricultural systems. What thoughts do you have as to how CAFF must show up now and moving forward? How does your experience prepare you for this? (300 word count max) 

  3. CAFF strives for the new Tech Hub to reach socially disadvantaged farmers across California. Propose one strategy for how you would reach small CA farmers who lack technical skills and access to resources, e.g. older farmers, farmers from historically disadvantaged communities, farmers with limited access, etc. (200 word count max)

  4. If applicable, please list the supplemental work you feel you are qualified to further support with:

  • Directly supporting Sonoma County based farmers and ranchers with adoption and implementation of web-based technologies.

  • Providing direct technical support to CA organic seed producers and businesses. TA to focus on e-commerce needs with the goal of increasing online sales. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but those received by March 19th will be given preference.

  • This job has expired!
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