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Location: Austin, TX. 

Reports To: Regional Ops Manager, Director of Operational Growth

Application: Send an email introducing yourself as a potential team member to Please attach your resume! 

Due: ASAP. We’ll begin interviewing on a rolling basis. Start Date: 10/19. The earlier the better!

Job Overview

In early 2020, MilkRun experienced the beginning of a huge increase in growth. We went from delivering 200 orders a week to over 2,000. In June, we expanded from Portland to Seattle, and in October we are expanding to Austin. We are looking for candidates who will grow with us. 

This position will be a part of MilkRun’s rockstar Operations Team in a new region, Texas! We are a team of movers and shakers, interested in good food, changing systems, and supporting the farmers of each region with our mission. 

The Austin General Manager is a key stakeholder in how we begin to grow in this region. This crucial player must have a passion for what we do here at MilkRun, connections in the farm and local food communities, and must naturally reflect and iterate on the systems we have in place. We are here to make the food system better, and we cannot do this without applying new solutions. 

MilkRun operations managers communicate across the company; they are regularly in conversation with customer experience, product engineers, farmers, delivery drivers, growth team, and customers. They will be responsible for ensuring that fulfillment is meeting or exceeding customer expectations and that we continue to excel in customer satisfaction. The General Manager will also monitor and track KPI’s and implement solutions to improve our work and outcomes. 


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Knowledge of everything to do with fulfillment- from placing P.O.’s as needed to last-mile logistics. Responsible for successful day-to-day fulfillment operations. 

  • Will remain up to date with facility upkeep and adherence to local and national regulations for food service warehouses

  • Effectively project and track staffing so the operations team maintains appropriate staffing to income ratio

  • Plan and execute regular meetings with team leaders per city to align vision 

  • Maintain consistent tracking of Pack, Drive, and Operation KPI’s that are shared with the regional leadership team

  • Develop and implement systems of accountability within the Austin warehouse and other direct report staff (drivers)

  • Regularly evaluate employee performance metrics for improvement, reallocation of resources, etc. 

  • Hold regular meetings with our CE team regarding customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition

  • Build a leadership team/structure that is inclusive and promotes internal growth opportunities for our employees

  • Identifying “off-days” or “low activity days” for work-life balance. 

  • Serve as the externally facing brand ambassador for the city, making connections with customers, farmers, and local businesses for increased visibility and partnerships 

  • Oversee the hiring and management of the local team 

A person who would be a FANTASTIC fit for this position is:

  • Comfortable working with computers and physical systems

  • Has 2 years of retail or warehouse management experience

  • Detail-oriented and flexible

  • Thoughtful and can anticipate needs and stay on top of operations in a growing company

  • A “Can-Do” attitude and a desire to provide stellar support and attention to detail

  • Focused on forecasting and problem solving 

  • Able to ‘zoom out’ and consider future opportunities

  • Cultivating over-communication across all channels 

  • Highly mobile; can be boots on the ground in a new city for launch if needed

  • This job has expired!
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MilkRun is not just a delivery service, it’s a re-imagining of farm-to-you food distribution. What if a grocery store existed solely online and delivered you radically local groceries harvested, baked, and butchered to order? 

What if we gave more money back to farmers, to our community? What if we could skip the overhead of a grocery store? What if we made it easy for you to get exactly the quality of food you want, right to your door? All of that would mean less cold storage, fewer trucks and intermediaries, and more power for the community — both farmers and shoppers. That’s why we’re changing the future of food distribution here at MilkRun.
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